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A New Tattoo Lawas 2015

A New Tattoo Lawas 2015

A New Tattoo Lawas 2015

“They keep track of time. Sometimes things happen and you feel that you need to mark them down.” 
― Scott O'ConnorUntouchable

I have long been a fan of the tattoo. I have three myself and have to constantly put myself off having another. Sammi from Beauty Crush has the coolest tatts (and I love her dogs too but that's another story) and I wish I was cool enough to pull off a 
half sleeve, but I'm not.  So I stick to small-ish designs, in just black outline and yearn over 
other people's tatts on Pinterest.
My current fave is a finger tattoo, I think they're so cute.. but mine are currently not that visible
and I wonder if I'd come to regret the placement - anyone got one and had any issues? Or am
I just being daft?

However in the last couple of weeks the desire has overtaken my sensibility and I've now chosen
my new tattoo design and thanks to Zoe's recommendation I've chosen the studio too.  I've even 
managed to convince a friend to get one with me and we've finally picked a date to go and get 
inked.  I love neon signs and my design is slightly inspired by that, although it's still going to be a 
black ink tattoo.  I'm not sure I'm brave enough for a coloured design as it'll take longer to do 
and I'm a chicken but maybe one day.

This time I'm going for a horseshoe tattoo which was going to go beneath my bra strap but has 
now been moved up to sideboob area after my sister's exclamation of 'won't it sit right on a fat 
roll?' (you can't choose your family...) I'm slight apprehensive about the tattooist having to look 
at a half naked me while he works, but I'll just reassure myself that they've seen worse...

I am, in my head, designing a larger design for perhaps my 5th and final tattoo which may include some of the below;

Please send me pics of your favourite tattoos, I love the big bright colour designs and anything intestesting and 

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