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Need NEW piercing ideas

Need NEW piercing ideas

Just encase you need some new idea's for piercing's
Lip Piercing's

                (Angel Bites)
  • Vertical labret- Placement is in the middle of the bottom lip. 2-3 months for healing time. standard size 16g-14g.

  • Horizontal labret- placement is often through the bottom lip horizontally but can be done on the upper lip. 2-3 month healing time. 16g standard size.

  • Monroe- placement is often on the left side of the upper lip. 2-3 month healing time. 16g-14g standard size.

  • Madonna-  The opposite side of where a monroe piercing is placed. 2-3 month healing time. 16g-14g standard time.

  • Snake bites- placed on both sides of the lower lip. 2-3 month healing time. 16g-14g standard size.

  • Medusa- Placement is in the center of the upper lip where you should have a natural dent called a tear drop. 2-3 months healing time. 16g-14g standard.

  • Ashley- Diffrent from the middle lip piercing because it actually goes through your lip then sits under your lower bottom lip. 2-3 month healing time. 16g-14g standard size.

  • Delilah- Right on the corners of your mouth. Not to be mistaken for dimple piercings because they are not. 2-3 month healing time. 16g-14g standard size.

  • Spider bites- placed where a regular lip piercing would be but doubled. 2-3 month healing time. 16g-14g standard size.

  • Dolphin bites- usually placed close together towards bottom center of the lip. 2-3 month healing time. 16g-14g standard size.

  • Cyber bites- having your medusa and middle bottom lip pierced at the same time. 2-3 month healing time. 16g-14g standard size.

  • Etc...


  • Tongue-Placement usually recommended to be in the center of the tongue. 4-6 weeks. 14g is standard size.

  • Tongue Web- Under your tongue, whats pierced is the little pierce of skin connecting your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. 4-6 weeks to heal. standard size 16g.

  • Snake Eyes- Pierced at the tip of your tongue. 4-8 weeks to heal. standard 14g.

  • Smiley- The little piece of skin connecting the top lip to your gums.1-3 months. standard 16g.

  • Frowny- Pierced on the piece of skin that connects the bottom lip to the gums. 4-12 weeks. 16g standard.

  • Venom Bites-Two piercings at the tip of the tongue.3-4 weeks. 14g standard.


  • Helix-Placed anywhere along the edge or "rim" of the ear. 3-5 months. Can be 16g, or regular ear ring gauge 20g-18g.

  • Industrial-placed Through the upper part of the ear through two different spots. 6 months-1 year. 16g standard.

  • Dermal Punch- Basically a faster way to gauge whatever you want without going through the process. 

  • Forward Helix-Placed on the rim of the ear closest to your face. 5-6 months to heal. 20g-18g standard.

  • Snug-Placed halfway down the outer rim on the inner cartilage. 9-18 months healing time. Can be different shapes and sizes.

  • Rook- placed on the thick fold of cartilage. can take up to a 1 year to fully heal. Varies.

  • Conch- placed in the big area of cartilage just above the ear lobes. 8-16 weeks to heal. micro-jewelry is the best but you can use a barbell.

  • Anti-Tragus- Placed opposite side of the tragus on the outer just above the ear lobe. 8-16 weeks healing time. Completely healed in 1 year. 

  • Tragus- Placed on the little piece of cartilage that juts out on the side of the face. 8-16 weeks healing time. 16g to 20g-18g standard.

  • Lobe- Placed in the center of the ear lobe. 6-8 weeks to heal. 20-18g standard size.

  • Transverse Lobe- Placed through the bottom half of the lobe. 6-10 week healing time. 16g standard size.

  • Daith-Placed on the inner rim of your anti-helix. 4-6 weeks to heal. 16g standard.

  • Plugs-Placed where a regular lobe piercing is, you just size up into you reach desired gauge.


  • Dimple- Placed either under your cheek bones slightly or where you really have dimples. estimate 8-12 weeks maybe a year. 14g-16g standard.

  • Eyebrow- the bottom half of your eyebrow. 2-4 months. 16g standard.

  • Anti-Eyebrow- A little under or beside the eye. 6-12 weeks. 16g standard.

  • Nose- on the nose. 2-3 months. 20g-18g standard.

  • Dual Nose piercing-On both sides of the nose. 2-3 months. 20g-18g.

  • Double Nose piercing- Placed beside one another on the same side of the nose. 2-3 months. 20g-18g.

  • Septum- The little piece of skin in your nostril. 1-3 months. 16g standard.

  • Bridge- Placed between the eyes on the upper bridge of the nose. 2-3 months (varies). 16g-14g standard size.


  • Dermals-can be placed almost anywhere on the surface of the body. few weeks to a year. jewelry is the second pic below.

  • Back Dimple piercing-Placed on the lower part of the back near the but. 8-12 weeks to heal. size varies.

  • Madison- placed in the center of the neck, inbetween the collarbone. Can be done with a barbell to make it look doubled or single by implant.

  • Corset-Placed anywhere on the body, I've seen them on the chest like below, the arm, thighs, back, and stomach. It is classified as a temporary piercings. Has a high migration rate, has the life expectancy of 2 weeks. might not heal completely ever.

  • Hand Web piercing- Placed usually between the thumb and index finger.  High migration/rejection rate.

  • Nipple piercing-Placed through the nipple (female), Where the nipple ends(male). 2-6 Months to heal, 1 year for it to be completely healed. 14g standard size.

  • Double Nipple piercing- pierced through nipple vertically and horizontally. 6 months-1 year. 16g- 14g.

  • Triple Nipple piercing- pierced through the nipple vertically and horizontally. 6 months-1 year. 16g-14g.

  • Christina -Placed at the hood of the vagina. 3-4 months to heal. Not possible for everybodys anatomy. high rejection rate. 16-14g standard size.

  • Belly button piercing- Placed in the top fold of skin over you belly button. 6-12 weeks. 14g standard size.

  • Cleavage piercings- Placed on the surface of the breast. 

  • Tooth Piercing-Placed on any tooth you choose, cannot be performed by a Piercer you would have to go to the Dentist for this.

  • Ring Piercing- Placed through the skin of any finger.

  • Nail piercing- Placed in the middle of the nail, NO PAIN.

  • Eyelid piercing- Placed along the corners of the eye.

  • Hip Piercings- Placed along the hips.

  • Vertical Surface Tragus- Placed near the tragus on the surface of the face.

  • Uvula piercing- Placed through the uvula. Most piercers have NO experience with this type of piercing.

  • Toe piercing- Placed through the surface of the toe.

  • Toe web- Pierced through the skin of "webbed" feet.

  • Nape- Placed in the center of the back of the neck.

  • Wrist- Placed along the wrist.

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