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Lady, flowers & a fixup

Lady, flowers & a fixup

Here's a few fresh tattoos again. First up is a lady warrior/hunter with a bearhead. It's no news that I like doing ladies and I really liked doing this colorscheme. The picture is a little bit shiny, but you get the picture. This was done in two sessions.

Here's some sweet forget-me-nots and a lady bug on a lower abdomen. (the tiny oriental markings are not by me) The client had some scarring down the middle, but it actually doesn't show. Liked doing something not symmetrical and more organic here. I'm really happy with this one. Hope the client is too :)

Lastly, here is an old tattoo we freshened up and redid a problem part that had already been covered once. Actually, you can see on the upper picture where I have redrawn parts with a blue pen, trying just to follow old patterns and finally just making it all clearer. We also made the whole thing a little bit more even, with doing outlines everywhere. Before there was heavy outlines only in some parts. We also recolored the flowers to get them to shine again! The background was left as it was. The original artwork and tattoo here is not by me.

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