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Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples

Last night we held "phase one" of the 5th Annual Springfield Guy Fawkes Night Celebration. We spent the evening of the Fifth of November eating caramel apples*** and making our own personal Guy Fawkes effigies out of Popsicle sticks, to commemorate the very first effigy we made to burn at the first annual Springfield Guy Fawkes Night Celebration.

[***So I failed miserably. I had said that I was going to follow tradition and make toffee apples, but out of fear of screwing them up, I fell back on the old reliable caramel. So we ate caramel apples, and were happy nonetheless.]

November 9 will be "phase two" of our celebration. It's a Saturday, and it's also Carl Sagan Day, so in an attempt to make it extra special this year, we're combining our Guy Fawkes Night celebration with a celebration of Carl Sagan Day: a Bonfire Celebration on the Pale Blue Dot.

Last night we celebrated with our apples and other snacky bits, and our homemade effigies (because you're never too old for arts and crafts), and a unicorn head for fun. Saturday we will burn the big effigy and do all our normal Bonfire Night activities.

I should mention here that, every year, the effigy has been hand-made by my very good friend, the Brainsaw. He won't be celebrating with us this year, because November 9 is not only Carl Sagan's birthday, it's the Brainsaw's birthday as well. I promised him I'd give him a special mention in honor of his special day.

In honor of Carl Sagan, we will be having apple pie on the 9th - though not from scratch.

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