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Appointments for fall

Appointments for fall

Hi, summervacation is going wonderful and I thought I'd post about new appointments now a little bit ahead.
Thursday 2nd of August and 5th of August I will be at the studio and we start taking appointments for me in August-December. On the 6th I'll be leaving for Sweden, Husqvarna Rock&Art, with the other Zombies and I'll be back on the 14th of August and then we continue with my bookings again.

Oh, and I should probably add that you can only book an appointment by coming to the studio at Runeberginkatu 30 (mon-fri 12-18). If you live in another city and have a hard time getting to the studio to book an appointment we will accomodate you by doing it via e-mail.

Hope to see you or hear from you then and have a good day!

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