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Should I Reveal The Past Of My Friend's Fiancé To Him?

Should I Reveal The Past Of My Friend's Fiancé To Him?

Two weeks ago my friend had told me his fiancé was coming for a check-up and for some shopping here in the Ireland. He had told me a lot about her - that she was a virgin, honest, caring girl and a whole lot of stuff and desperately wanted me to meet her to boost his opinion as he did not know much about her past which she has kept from him. We arranged to meet because I wanted to send some stuff to my family in Nigeria. As soon as we met, we were both shocked and speechless!

I would spare you the dirty details, but basically she was a slut. She
was known for her trysts with both married and single men. She engaged in various dirty escapades with expatriates from the company I worked for in Nigeria back then. She even has some sex tapes, in circulation, with these expatriates which clearly shows her face and some distinctive futures on her skin.

My Dilemma
Do I tell my friend about who she really is and save him the heartache of finding out himself as the sex tapes are still in circulation or do I just keep quiet and pretend not to know anything? I am to play the role of his best man in a few months. Please I need your opinions to decide on which step to take.

Should I Reveal His Fiancé’s Carefully Concealed Dark Past To Him?

Over to you, guys!

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