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More Guest artist info!

More Guest artist info!

So we have a couple more guest artists coming over from Melbourne, yay!! Our mates, Matthew Gordon and Wendy Pham will be with us from Tuesday 24th of July to Saturday 28th of July (inclusive). So if you want to get tattooed by either one of these two talented artists you better get on it! Please email the shop at and we can put you in direct contact with them. 

Here is some of Wendy's work:

And some of Matthew Gordon's work:

And in shop news, there isn't too much to report really. It's just business as usual, so I'll just post some tatties.... 

So here is some of Simone's stuff:

Matty D (More outlining):

And another reminder that our good friend Alvaro Flores will be here from Tuesday the 10th of July until Saturday the 14th of July. If you want to get tattooed by any of our guest artists, please email the shop and we will put you in touch with the artist to sort out your artwork and appointments before they get here. All artists are charging the same as Matt ($160 per hour), unless it's a one off piece of course (one off pieces are charged at slightly differently). 

Alvaro's latest:

That's all

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