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Bigotry is Alive and Well... For Now

Bigotry is Alive and Well... For Now

The problem with being a Bible college graduate is that I'm friends on Facebook with a lot of other people who attended my alma mater. Usually that's not so bad. Sometimes, however, I see stuff like this:

A fellow former Lincoln Christian College student posted this on his profile. He got it from some guy named J.D. Cash. I have no idea who this guy is other than he hates Obama at least as much as he hates the gays. As the above image indicates, J.D. and his followers like to make fun of the president by making Obama look gay (because being gay is totally not good. Duh). Here's another example:

Prejudice makes people do strange things. It even makes people who claim to believe in a god of love act with pure hate. Nothing new. This is what typically happens when people abandon reason, education, and compassion. There's even the old "if gays get to marry, people will start marrying animals next" nonsense in the comments. Look, folks, at this point, arguing about why gays should have the same rights as anyone else is like arguing about why women should vote, or black people shouldn't be slaves, or how the moon isn't made out of cheese. We should be beyond this by now. We don't throw Christians to lions, and we don't burn witches at the stake, because we've moved past such things. Yet here we are, witnessing people who want to maintain the old guard: an antiquated and unenlightened mindset in which one group of self-proclaimed "righteous" people feels it has the right to tell other groups of people whom the people in those groups can and cannot love. And there are still a lot of them. We should be beyond such bigotry, but, sadly, we're not.

For now.

There might be a ray of hope here though. This J.D. Cash person made an interesting comment: "Obama will do anything for a vote." Suppose that's true, and the only reason Obama is supporting gay marriage is because he wants more votes. Doesn't that mean the majority of people think gay marriage should be legal? Perhaps we are starting to move beyond the bigotry after all, and J.D. and his ilk are on the losing side of the battle. Just a thought...


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