Tattoo - Visual Art Form
So we have some new merch coming really soon! We are doing silver on black T-shirts and Crew Necks. Sizes will be small, medium, large, XLarge and XXLarge. T-shirts are $30 and Crew are $50. It's pretty much same design as the last lot of t-shirts and crews we did, just a few slight changes to the image and the obvious change in colour. Should be sweet! I will post us modeling them when they come in. I won't be taking pre-orders because I find that I hold onto them for peeps and they never get picked up. So just holla when they come in if you want one. And yes I can send them overseas or interstate, no problems! 

T-shirts will be $30 each and Crew Necks - $50- Coming soon!
And Matt is going through one of those stages where nothing is getting finished, only started. So here's some pics of what he started or worked on last week. 

Matt actually started this a while back but hadn't added the lower part yet. Still a long way to go on this huge piece! Matt is adding images to the Kimono too. 
In case you forgot what the top half looked like

Some sweet tatties that Simo did last week:

Matt still has appointments available for Rites of Passage Festival. Due to cancellation he has the Sunday available and possibility for a small tattoo Saturday night. Email us if your keen

That's all

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