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I have no idea where to start... Well San Francisco, you are one awesome place! I am in love! I know I say it a lot (I know, every time we travel) but we have had the most amazing trip! We are definitely not ready to leave tomorrow! In fact I am not wanting to talk about that at all!

We actually bought the "real" camera this time (Cannon EOS 400D) and took some lovely snaps. So I just wanna post a whole bunch of them. They are by no means professional but they are slightly better than my usual iphone pics. Oh but I do lie a little, some have been transferred to picframe and are a duplicate of what I have already posted on Instagram (just because I would be posting a million photos otherwise)! So without further ado! 

It all starts with the awesome Bed and Breakfast we stayed at. This big old beautiful Victorian Mansion (turned into mini hotel). It was full of old antiques, creepy photos and loads of history. Right up our alley!
Japan town, where I found cherry blossoms! Unfortunately we went there a tad too early for the markets to be open. So we will have to go back again.
I know it's super touristy but I had always wanted to ride one of these. It was super cool! 
Wine Tasting in Napa Valley
Wine tasting in Sonoma too!
And Sonoma (where we also had lunch). Such cute little towns out there!
OMG the food in San Fran is amazing! We had this meal at a micro brewery. Where the beer was amazing too!
Had this meal, twice, at an old cinema, turned restaurant. Fried chicken- because I am on holidays damn it!
Stumbled across copious amounts of street art. These pieces are by Lango (Skull and Sword)
Watched Giant's Vs Phillies (was awesome and Giants one)!
The ball park is the best we have ever been to, right on the water (amazing)
I love this photo, we are at the Bay Aquarium. 
The Jelly Fish were my favourite! 
Watching the seals at pier 39

Fisherman's Wharf
Boats around the piers
Submarine on the wharf, there were big world WWII boats there too.
Musee Mechanique. Full of sweet old carny coin operated machines. So creepy, yet so fun! 
Grandmother telling Matt his future, he looks scared
Generally I just loved walking the streets and stumbling across things like this..
Only decent bridge shots we have are on a foggy day. The only foggy day we have experienced our whole trip! Think we have been pretty lucky with perfect weather for 10 days! 
China Town
And our trip to Yosemite National Park. I had to scale it down to just these few photos, otherwise I could have added like 500 here! I love, love, loved it there and want to go back and explore more. We had a very long, one day trip there and back, so very rushed. But I am so glad we got to see it anyway.

I am a dork but yes! I remember Full House being one of my favourite shows as a kid, so I had to see these houses.
I wish I could take my cats to the shop and leave them outside on a lead!!
Aaaaaand then the main reason we were in San Francisco was to get tattooed by Grime. Which in itself was an awesome experience. Our tattoos are amazing and what an awesome dude! Thanks so much Grime, what a way to top off our awesome trip!

So damn happy right there
I am so damn happy but showing it on the inside :D
Tomorrow we leave but as I said I am not talking about that. So will see you back in Oz! 

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