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Women's Self-Defense

Women's Self-Defense

This is a supplemental to the blog entry, What Rebecca Watson Did Wrong. Check out these two guys...

On the left is yours truly, the creator and author of this lovely blog you're reading. On the right is Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock." Now, The Rock is much larger than I am. More muscular, bigger, stronger, way more powerful. I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 215 lbs. I'm not necessarily small. But compared to The Rock, I'm a little guy. Here's an interesting little fact: my throat is just as strong as The Rock's throat! I should say, The Rock's throat is just as fragile as mine. It doesn't matter how much a person lifts weights, or how much muscle someone puts on his frame. You can't build muscle on your Adam's Apple, fellas.

If I were getting attacked by someone who's built like The Rock, I'm going for the throat. Or the balls. Or the eyes. Any weak spot on the body that no amount of weight lifting or strength training can improve. This is important when talking about women's self defense in particular. Men are, statistically speaking, larger and stronger than women. Most women who try to match a man strength-for-strength is going to lose, just as I'd lose if I put my strength up against the strength of The Rock.

Women need to be alert, and do their best to avoid allowing themselves to get into compromising situations. But things happen, and a woman can still stay prepared for the worst. Keep a pen or nail file in hand: something inconspicuous yet pointy enough to do some serious damage when you jab it in your attacker's throat.

For more information, check out this site: Women's Self Defense.

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