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Japan In June

Japan In June

Better late then never they say, eh? We have been back from Japan for over a week already and I haven't even blogged about it yet!! But we have been super busy to say the least, I only unpacked a few days ago!

We had an epic time, as per usual, as if I was going to say anything different? But we have realised a week is just not long enough time to spend in such an awesome place such as Japan. We did however get some quality time in with friends and jam packed our week full of fun things and of course lots of tattooing!

Our first day we did our usual routine, of wondering around Yokohama and going to our favorite restaurant "Dalian" for lunch. Dinner was spent with the Yellow Blazers and our good mates Tomo and Ei. We had Brazillian food, which I might add I have never had before and loved it! Good thing we are not vegetarian anymore or we would have had nothing to eat! haha but was so yum, i'll be going there again that's for sure!

The following day we spent with Ei, Tomo and our good mate Crystal. We did a bunch of fun stuff, which included Kyosai Museum, watching Rockabillies dance in Harajuku, patting puppies and meerkats in the park, shopping, Ninja restaurant for dinner and topped off with some Karaoke! Perfect day in Tokyo! Here is some pics: 

And I thought Matt was too tall for Japan, seems Ei has the same problem- haha
Rockabillies in Harajuku, so cool! 
EEEEEEEEP! Puppies!! 
Yep, found a meerkat to play with! 
Ice-cream stop
Matt the Ninja! 
I love karaoke- can you tell? 
And we spent 4 glorious days at this place. 
2 days later I look like this. 
1 day later and I feel pretty damn good! I have the baggy pants on though
My little walks to China town
My fave store for buying stuff
2 days later Matt looks like this.... 
Last day in Yokohama, was such a beautiful day. 
So we go back in December, which is just far too long a wait! Of course there is much more that went on but this is all I have time for right now.

That's all....

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