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I'm Tired and I Hate Summer

I'm Tired and I Hate Summer

As you can tell, I haven't been blogging much lately. I have reasons for this, which I hope to explain clearly in this entry.

First, there's my job. I enjoy my job, but it takes its toll on me emotionally, mentally and physically. I hit the gym at 8 AM four days a week and then get started with my work day. I work long hours. I am physically active throughout the day, either by running around town marketing for the martial arts school, teaching classes or doing my own training. This job is results-driven, not effort-driven, so even if I spend all day working as hard as I can, if we don't have enough appointments set by the end of the day, my job isn't finished. I really want the school to do well because one of my best friends is the owner (which in itself add even more stress). In the end, I'm left drained. I come home each night tired, and I have little energy for online activities.

I can't blame my job entirely, though. If you look at my archive on the right, you may notice a pattern. I tend to post much less during the warmer months. I hate hot weather, and I'm sure that has an affect on my mood. I think I have seasonal affective disorder. The more summer-like it gets outside, the more depressed I feel. I'm the opposite of most people. Cloudy, rainy days make me feel cheery. Sunshine makes me want to hide under a rock. So blogging is difficult for me during this time of year. I look forward to the cool breezes of Autumn, when I can pull my favorite old military jacket out of the closet.

I've been spending much of my free time engaging in activities that don't require me to think so much. Actually, that's not all that accurate. I still have to think. I just don't have to think in the same way that I do when I'm at work. When I blog, I utilize my brain much the same way as I do at my job. If I'm in geek-mode and I'm playing my favorite fantasy-based trading card game, I still have to think (because of, you know, strategery), but it's in a completely different way, so it allows me to relax. Or I hang out with friends with whom I can have interesting conversation, and while that requires me to think (about many of the same topics I would discuss here, even), having a friendly chat over drinks is much different than crafting a blog entry or written article.

I try to stay active on my tumblr since the posts there aren't very long (and usually just pictures and images I find interesting), so make sure you're following me over there. And be sure to "like" Dead-Logic's Facebook page, because then you'll also get updates from my brothers-in-blog, The A-Unicornist and Advocatus Atheist, who are both very much worth reading, and who both write way more than I usually do.


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