Tattoo - Visual Art Form

"if you really wanna see what really matters most to me,

"if you really wanna see what really matters most to me,

just take a real short drive." -okkerville river

i've been working on lots of drawings.

i know it's already come and went, but the fall sure was hype this year

parthenocissus quinquefolia

acer negundo

gnar gnar rail seshun


all lit up

more jake

new 'zine in the works?

windsor park students speak:



hurricanes anyone?

double stacks anyone?

did i blow it yet? i finally finished the new zine! wreck issue #13 is now available at the following locations:

-mcnally robinson grant park
-colours art and framing on pembina (at old sk8skates location)
-sk8 skates at the forks

*jimbo's dink alert

more business news, wreck five will be premiering at the park theatre on wednesday december 19th. holla atcha boy!

i still eat breakfast almost every day.

acer saccharinum

feelin these

see ya next time i see ya

blog outtake, jake looking not-insane.

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